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Designer: Arthur & Livingston


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3-Piece Crystal Gemstone Set 

This set includes a trio of Jasper including Rough Green Jasper,  Kambaba Jasper, Sandskirt Japser 

This is a one of a kind set. You will receive the exact stones pictured 

Stone Sizes: 2"-3"

Crystal Meanings:

Sandskirt Jasper :  Vitality, Creativity, Grounding and Protection. Use to achieve short and long term goals

Kambaba Jasper:  a very energizing stone that activates our root and heart chakras. It helps provide much needed healing to the heart and calming of negative emotions such as guilt, trauma, grief, jealousy, anger, and sadness. 

Rough Green Jasper:  Stimulates Heart Chakra. It’s  properties connect to metaphysical and healing energy both physical and mental

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